The pavilion will be located in an area
between our office building and our Missionary Heritage Training Center. This location is ready to be built upon. It will offer convenient access
from any building on the property.

As you are aware, construction of any type of structure is a large task.
There are many different needs in a project this size. From the steel
beams to the furnishings, it requires many pieces. It may be that you would like to help with a specific item that is required for the pavilion’s construction.
Here are a few specific items that will be needed. Maybe the Lord would lead you to cover the cost of one of these items completely.
Bear in mind, this is not an exhaustive list of needed materials. There are many items that will be needed to fully complete and furnish the pavilion, even after construction is completed. These items are presented to give you an idea of specific needs you may be able to help with.
Costs listed are estimates and are subject to change.