2020 Prayer Letters

 If you do not see a letter that you are looking for or are seeking a letter for a sensitive country, please contact the home office directly.

Allen, Dr. Phillip

Allen, James

Allen, Scott

Anderson, Connie

Angel, Teddy

Baker, Dr. Roger

Ballinger, David

Banfe, Dr. Peter

Beaudoin, Benji


Bergey, Brent


Berry, Bruce


Campbell, Josh


Campbell, Dr. Travis

Caudill, Dr. Scott


Cook, Brandon


Couch, Curtis


Cullers, Keith


Cullers, Neil


Daniels, Johnny


Doolittle, Stephen


Doss, Anthony


Ewing, Stanley


Fenley, David


Frost, Dick


Gates, David


George, Calvin


Guilbaud, Jean-Claude


Hailey, Jesse


Haley, Junior


Hall, Jeremy


Hall, Kevin


Hamby, Dr. Dean


Hamby, Jason


Hansard, James


Harper, David


Harrison, Dwayne


Hart, Michael


Hawks, Jeff


Homan, Bethany


Home Office


Horton, Mahlon


Hutchens, Dr. Wesley


Johnson, Richard


Kenney, Jason


Kotvas, James


Kotvas, Joe


Kotvas, Joseph


Lane, Rodney


Leake, JD


Lee, Young Ho


Lima, Alex


Lowe, Jason


McClain, Brian


McKinney, John


Millican, Ben


Mitchell, Lorna


Naitram, Elvin


Norton, Daniel


Nye, Jerry


Owens, David


Paquette, Clark


Quintana, Luther


Rendon, Jesus


Roberts, Marti


Rolston, LeRoy


Rongione, Jason


Ruckman, James


Sheridan, Frankie


Shumaker, Keith


Shumaker, Mark


Smith, Jerry


Smith, Robert


Spear, Alexander


Stanford, Russ


Stanley, Jason


Stover, Robert


Strang, John


Tinsley, Charles


Trask, Gene


VandenHurk, Jonathan


Wade, David


Wall, Tim


Weeks, Dave


Wilson, Caleb


Worley, Caleb