home_office Located just 4 miles off Interstate 85 in Braselton, Georgia, the International Headquarters of Macedonia World Baptist Missions is situated in the cross-roads of the southeastern United States. The Home Office is the center of all operations for the missionaries sent through Macedonia and the churches that support them.  All of their finances come through the office.  Records are made and transmitted to the missionaries of all income and its disbursement according to their instructions.  Supporting churches receive statements showing the receipt of their funds and its disbursements according to their instructions. home office headquartersThe Lord has increased the number of missionary families that we are endeavoring to service around the world.  The Home Office operates by faith just as the missionaries on the field.  The directors, whether it be General Director, Assistant Director, Administrator, or Field Directors do not receive a salary.  They must raise their own support. All of our facilities here at the International Headquarters are geared to assist the missionary and the church in evangelizing the world for Christ.


Dr CaudillPresident & General Director Dr. Scott Caudill  Since 1999 the Lord has blessed me to serve on the Executive  Board of Macedonia World Baptist Missions. Macedonia is  dedicated and determined to serve as an arm of the local church  in sending their missionaries to the field of their calling in order  that the world might be reached with the glorious gospel of Christ.    We like to remind ourselves often that where there is a   creature, God intended for there to be a preacher. Please help us pray as we assist local churches in sending the world God called, Bible believing, preachers of the gospel.



General Director 1974-2014

General Director Emeritus 2014-2018

Dr. Thurman J. Wade

Dr. Wade served with Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc. since 1974.  Prior to this, he spent five years in evangelism and 18 years as a pastor. He had the wonderful privilege to see Macedonia grow from a national work in the country of Haiti to an international ministry around the world.  His greatest privilege and honor was to work with missionaries on their field and to assist pastors in successful revivals and faith promise missions conferences.  His greatest joy was to see souls come to Christ and churches established on many different fields of the world. Dr. Wade always counted it an honor to assist the missionary and the church of any size in their missionary outreach.   Dr. Wade passed away on August 18, 2018.


hambyAssistant Director

Dr. M. Dean Hamby

The office staff of Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc. is dedicated to providing the best service possible to independent Baptist missionaries in going forth to reach the world for Christ.  The office staff, too, is made up of men and ladies who have served on foreign fields and in their local churches here in the States.  With this personal perspective of missions, we are better able to understand and care for the needs of the missionaries on the field and better train the missionaries going to the field.


Home Office Directory

President & General Director Dr. Scott Caudill drcaudill@mwbm.org

Assistant Director

Dr. Dean Hamby dhamby@mwbm.org


Administrator Dr. Fred Kindhart fredkindhart@mwbm.org


Accountant Mrs. Robyn Jackson rjackson@mwbm.org


West Indies Field Director
Special Projects Director
Rev. David Fenley dfenley@mwbm.org


Director of Media &
Asst. To The General Director Dr. Travis Campbell traviscampbell@mwbm.org


Accounting Secretary Mrs. Paulette Dibler pdibler@mwbm.org


Executive Secretary Mrs. Karen Hamby khamby@mwbm.org